I wanted to share with you a few updates about my brother, who’s had one crazy whirlwind year!! I am so incredibly blown away by all that he’s accomplished…. Ahhh, such a proud big sister ☺

For those of you that don’t know, my brother is a conservation biologist and science educator who just finished working for two years in the Amazon to work on his PhD and host a television show.

He’s had several science stories go super viral over this last year! The most major of these stories, was when he discovered a new species of spider that builds a fake spider in its web. Uhhhh… yes, you read that correctly! It’s not only a unique behavior among spiders, but it’s the only animal (besides humans) that can create the figure of another animal from scratch. How insane is that!?

He also had an image go really viral of a caterpillar that the web compared to Donald Trump’s wig, which was even featured as a joke on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

There really are only a few other scientists, if any, that have generated this much ‘viral’ content over the last year, which is such an incredible achievement!

Most recently Phil has started as the lead science correspondent for Al Jazeera America’s TechKnow show. They cover really fascinating science and technology stories that have a strong human element. You’ve got to check out their site! It’s some of the most mind-blowing videos and stories I’ve ever seen. On top of all that he’s also started doing macro photography and has had images published around the world, including BBC Wildlife Magazine and Discovery Channel Magazine and is simultaneously starting his PhD at Rice University, working on tropical conservation biology.

Now you know why I’m so proud ☺

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Check out some press surround Phil’s discoveries here:

Here are some photos from Phil’s adventures!

The new species of spider. The actual spider is that little thing on the top of that figure, the big 8-legged figure is the fake it constructed.

One of Phil’s photos in the main newspaper of the Netherlands