Hey Believers,

How about a little inspiration…

Sometimes, when I feel a little unsure of myself, or my confidence needs a little reminder that it has every right to be bold, I think of these words:

Not one of us was made the same as any other on this earth- not even twins! And that’s what makes this world such a beautiful, special and varied place. No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live or what you do, I urge you all to search inside yourselves and ask – Who am I? What drives me? What do I truly want or need… to be happy?

Don’t ask yourselves ‘What would ‘they’ do, what would ‘they’ wear, how can I be like ‘them’… If we constantly hide in the shadows of others and compare what we are to them, we are subconsciously saying to ourselves that what we are, isn’t enough- that what we honestly enjoy isn’t ‘right’ and perhaps, that who we are, isn’t good enough…

Well that is so, so wrong.

Every bit of your individuality has the ability to make you blissfully happy, if only you would let it! Embrace YOUR true passions! Embrace YOUR true beauty and enjoy the style that honestly makes you feel like YOU! No good can come from constantly comparing ourselves to others because we are all made different and I’m here to tell you that THAT is a good thing! Embrace who you are, let it shine through and then you will really see that YOU, the individual and unique being, are beautiful, inside and out.

And that is when you will bloom… : )