Hey Believers,

Well, the festive season is well and truly upon us and I am so, so excited!! I just love Christmas, not only for the obvious reasons, eg: family, friends, good food, presents under the tree, etc, etc… but more importantly- it’s time to go all out crazy and decorate the pad!

Putting up the Christmas decorations is always an activity that brings the family together, and a really important element in gearing up for the big day. Personally, I love thinking a little outside the box sometimes and having fun with creativity. Where do I gather ideas? Pinterest of course! My fail-safe, ‘go to’ for all things inspirational!

This is one of the prettiest things I have found so far. If you don’t want a tree in every room, this is a great idea, and I love the vintage style decorations to boot. The kind of stuff you can collect throughout the year.

Now this is something I’m definitely going to try. I think it’s so clever and will show your loved ones on Christmas Day, that you really wanted to go the extra mile in creating a Christmassy atmosphere.

Make sure every last inch of the house is covered! Just filling those empty jars with bows and candy canes can bring the house to ‘Christmas’ life.

If you REALLY want the kids to love you, why not turn your hallway in to a winter wonderland?! Plus, it’s a great way to stop the little tikes from sliding down the banisters!

More importantly, all of the above doesn’t have to cost the earth and for many families this year, that is more important than ever. It can be expensive to go all out and transform your place the way you would like, but it really doesn’t have to be…

Here’s a couple more fun, fantastic ways to economize at Christmas, as well as getting the whole family involved in creating some brilliant decs.

I saw this, and laughed out loud! What a great idea, and something to lift your spirits every time you go to the kitchen. The kids will love it and all you need is some colored card.

I think this is incredibly effective and an amazing way to use up those Popsicle sticks! They are so worth collecting and super versatile. I really think the whole family could get involved with this and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

But whatever you do and however you do it, make the most of every second… Get the Christmas tunes blaring in the background, the hot chocolote simmering on low, and above all else, be surrounded by the people you love.