Hey Believers,

Here’s a ‘spooky’ little blog for you today, seeing as we’re definitely on the home straight towards Halloween 2014!

I LOVE Halloween, and in years gone past I have celebrated the day with fun costumes and even facial art which has a super cool and scary effect!

But I’m always looking to up my game every year and create something completely different! So I need some inspiration…

Enter, Pinterest! It’s seriously my ‘go to’ for all things creative and innovative. I’ve been searching the site for all kinds of Halloween inspiration and I’ve found some fantastic things, which I thought I’d share with you because it’s too cool not to.

I thought these examples of facial art were absolutely amazing and incredibly scary. You can keep it kinda simple but very effective and create a look by using staple items found in your every day make up bag… This Poison Ivy look just takes a little practice but is totally do-able:

Or, if you’re feeling really daring and up for the challenge, you can get some speciality make up and try this kinda awesome stuff!…

How about party decorations? You can’t throw a party without pumpkins and toffee apples! Fancy something a little bit different though? I thought this decorative pumpkin idea is real quick and easy but with maximum effectiveness- just place the multicolored crayons on the pumpkin and melt! And these Jack the Skellington apples are so clever, and I’m sure, really yummy!.

And then there’s the costume! Ladies, why not think a little outside the box… Even the darkest of characters can be given a cute and sexy twist! I love this:

But let’s face it, time can be an issue when it comes to preparing for this holiday, and when we’re really busy with work, family and life, it can be tough and costly to get the whole family suited and booted. So if you need a bunch of really exciting but low cost, home-made Halloween ideas, check out this link: ‘101 Halloween Costumes to DIY on the Cheap

But whatever you do and however you do it, be brave, be different and above all… be spooky…!!