Hey Believers!

I don’t know about you, but Summer is a time where I feel totally empowered and intoxicatingly inspired. The warmth of the Sun, allows us the freedom to explore our surroundings, connect with our loved ones in the beautiful outdoors and feel like anything is possible.

I was recently reminded of this quote, and if there’s any time of year that I feel empowers us with the confidence to believe we are limitless, it’s Summer…

‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’

The whole world is going through an age of tough, financial crisis and a sense of hopelessness and fear. We can’t go a day without seeing images or reading of the injustices of fair pay and equal opportunities.

So what if you were to create your own opportunities?… What if you were to build that door which someone is going to want to knock on?… Essentially, I’m saying how great would it feel to take back the power, and control your own destiny and your own fortune?

I can look back over my career and see that this quote has been somewhat of a mantra for me. I am my product, and at times, when I have felt like life wasn’t offering me a new challenge or a new opportunity, I realised it was completely within my capability to re-invent or redefine my product, and present the world with a commodity they wanted or needed.

I guess what I’m saying is this: with faith in yourself and the bravery to go out on a limb and give your all to an idea, you can create your own opportunities. Start with the seed, and if you have enough belief in it, it will grow. Don’t be knocked down by the first obstacles you face. They are an opportunity to learn and simply a stepping stone to the next phase. Don’t be scared of failure. Falling down is yet another opportunity to learn so you can avoid that pothole the next time. Have patience and let the idea grow, evolve and therefore strengthen over time.

Main thing: if you are feeling lost, panicked or weak, look to yourself for comfort, because it’s you who controls your life. Look to others for inspiration. People who, in pursuit of their dreams, have broken down all kinds of barriers, which therefore, were never really barriers at all. People, who have built their own doors, so that life can come knocking, and wonderful possibilities can be discovered. That could be you!