Hey Believers,

I wanted to take a few moments to speak about a great woman and the
impact her words can have on all of us in achieving our goals and
creating a happy and healthy life.

The sad passing of Maya Angelou last week, resonated with many- both men and women
across the globe. Her writing and her poetry was a clear display of
her faith and self belief in not only her own power, but that of all
women who she spoke of as her daughters. She was truly inspiring. A
pioneer of strength and womanhood.

Whilst all her words are exceptionally thought provoking, I find the
following speak to me particularly:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

This is so true. I believe it’s essential to love yourself and be
proud of the work you do. I think we’re always striving for success,
in every aspect of our lives. Maya Angelou was a perfect example of
what you can achieve when you believe that your own voice should be
heard. It is so important for your own self esteem, to know that in
your work, you are challenged, and therefore you make your mark on the
world. To hold your head up high when discussing your work, your
pursuits and the choices you have made. That you are at the top of
your game and proud to work hard and see the results. Then you will
not only like yourself, but love yourself.

Inner strength and a willingness to fight and work hard has got me to
where I am today. I am so blessed with the life I lead but I have
drawn on the words of women such as Maya Angelou to inspire that fight
and desire for success and fulfilment. And I will continue to fight
for a happy and rewarding life by liking myself, what I do and how I
do it.