I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! I hope that you all spend this holiday with your loved ones, and that you enjoy every moment!

My family has a tradition on Christmas Eve to get together with close friends, and share something with each other. Because my family is so musical, it usually consists of my dad playing the guitar and my brother, sister, and father taking turns singing songs we all love. Some in Spanish, some in English. I, of course, sit back and watch with a smile since I only sing in the car to myself 😉

Christmas day we get together with our large family (my mom is one of ten!) and have a fun White Elephant gift exchange. It’s important to keep family traditions alive, and not get so caught up in the chaos of the holidays that we can’t just simply enjoy each other.

Here’s a video of my brother Phillip singing with his A Capella group at Cornell University. He’s got an amazing voice!

Happy Christmas to you all!!