Happy New Year Believers!!

I hope everyones 2013 is off to a fantastic start! When I look back over 2012, I feel so grateful and blessed for the amazing opportunities I’ve had. Visiting the deployed troops, competing on Stars Earn Stripes on behalf of the USO, and becoming the first ever 3 times Diva’s champion… what a year! As I think about this upcoming year, I’m excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Of course, being that it’s a New Year, I thought about the inevitable question… what’s my New Years resolution going to be!? And I’ve decided that this year I want to channel more energy into investing into my home! I’m vowing to learn how to cook some new meals (I’ve pretty much got my “specialt-eve’s down lol), so I’d love to branch out and try to master some new cuisines. I also want to get down and dirty with some DIY work, and make sure that my new home is just the way I want it. Last year was so busy that it was close to impossible to spend any real time remodeling a home when all I ever wanted to do on my time off was relax and recoup!

I also want to continue focusing on my philanthropy and spreading the message of the Women Empowered Program. I truly believe that it is so important to give back to the community, and I’d really love it if all you Believers join me in making a vow to give back in 2013!

So what’s your New Years resolution?!