Hey Believers!

Now as you all know, keeping fit and enjoying an active lifestyle is right up there on my list of priorities, and becoming pregnant hasn’t changed that. However, I have noticed a shift in power- I am no longer entirely in charge of what my body needs or wants! There is a very strong willed, little one in there who is certainly dictating for the majority (… I wonder where they’re getting that from?!…) But seriously, for me, this has been the hardest thing to get used to. So what’s the answer?


I think it’s about balance. You have to listen to your body. My energy levels can really fluctuate now that I’m pregnant, and comfort levels during exercise can also vary on a daily basis. But I think it’s really important to maintain a healthy and honest perception of what it is your body really needs from day to day. I say this because I also firmly believe in the importance of staying active during pregnancy, not just for your own health but for a healthy overall pregnancy, deliverance and postnatal health. I am still doing regular exercise, going for hikes, taking Cardio barre, attending jiu-jitsu classes and teaching Women Empowered. But, I modify certain exercises when necessary or appropriate and just make sure that I’m listening to my body all the time while continuing to stay strong.

I recently read this article, and this quote stuck with me…

I thought I would share the whole article with you in case there is anyone out there who is feeling confused and in need of a little support about what it is they can and can’t do while pregnant. Click here to read in full.