Hey Believers!

So I was reminded of this quote I posted a few months ago, and I wanted to say a few words about it. It’s message is simple but quite possibly the truest words ever written, and the fact that it’s delivered for a female audience is something very close to my heart;

Isn’t that amazing?! The thought that all we need is belief. Belief in ourselves and that with faith we can quite literally achieve anything. Whether it be a new lifestyle choice, a new business plan, or even overcoming illness. Belief is something none of us needs a degree or a phd in. It’s a god given tool. Given so that we can all become extraordinary people and do extraordinary things. What more inspiration do we need?

But faith and self belief are not so easy to find within ourselves. Sadly, we live in a world where not everyone is capable of loving each other or supporting each other as they should. We also live in a world that thank God, is changing, and women are finally being recognised for the talented, dedicated and resourceful beings that we are. However, we have further to go. Some will cloud your mind with negativity or feed your doubts with narrowing words because they themselves cannot believe or are too frightened to see the world in a better, newer light. But you can overcome this. All you need are the hooks to harness your power. Some meditate. Some pray. Some run. As you all know, my passion is pursuing an extremely healthy diet and keeping fit. For me, this is as much about maintaining healthy thoughts and a focused mind as it is about building physical strength. It keeps me motivated, it keeps me on top of my game and above all, it is what gives me total belief in my power to achieve all my goals, and with this power, I do. Whatever it is that you do, follow it 100% with every bit of passion you have and this will make you strong. Belief and faith are completely within your grasp. Seek and you absolutely will find. You just have to do the work, and when you find them, they will be the key to your life and unlocking all the beautiful possibilities that it holds.

What do you believe you can do? Start a business? Eat healthier? Loose weight? Find healthy relationships? What ever it is, go do it!