Hey Believers,

So today I read a really inspiring and thought provoking article on Salma Hayek and how she feels about the power of Social Media, as she makes her first Social debut on Facebook!

Initially, Salma has resisted Social Media, saying it wasn’t personal enough for her- “When I am with you, I am with you. And I feel sometimes people are not so present because of social media.”

I think Salma makes a really valid point here. I’m a huge fan of Social Media & it’s many amazing benefits, but we must never lose the personal touch and the ability to connect with people in an organic way.

But Salma’s central and underlying message is the one I am most drawn to. She describes the rise of Social Media as a ‘Peaceful Revolution’ and what this has meant for women particularly.

Social Media platforms have not only given everyone a voice, but it now allows that voice to be heard globally, within minutes. Selma talks about how empowering this is and the effect she has personally seen this have on advertising campaigns she has been involved with. I can echo this notion entirely. With the power of Social Media behind us, women can express their opinions, fight openly against any kind of inequality but more importantly, reach out to all women of any age, and give them hope. Let them know that what they are thinking or feeling is very likely being shared by millions of women across the world, and that Social Media offers us a way to stand together, support one another, and be counted. And now that this has been achieved, we have actually begun to mould advertising campaigns. Advertisers are realising that WE have the most powerful voice now, and so what we feel passionately about and believe is important, must now influence the advertising world.

So congratulations to Salma, on joining the Social ranks and for all the valuable work she has done in fighting for women’s health and well being. I can’t wait to see what she does next, as she begins her journey in the ‘peaceful revolution’…

I hope you all enjoy the piece as much as I did.