Hey Believers,

June is always such an exciting time of year for me. It’s when I really
begin to catch the first sights, sounds and smells of Summer, which
means keeping fit, is about to get a whole lot more fun!

Keeping fit successfully takes several things: an effective plan,
strong goals and tons of motivation. If you can get the last one
right, you’ll sail through the other two, and more than that, you’ll
love your workout! But in winter, motivating yourself can be hard, and
you’ll let all kinds of excuses keep you from your work out. That’s
why Summer is so fantastic! It kicks all those naughty excuses out the
door and welcomes your perfect playground, just outside the front
door! You can keep fit for free and even catch a tan while you’re
there. So money and poor weather excuses do not apply.
Picture the scene: glorious sunshine, a beach with rolling waves and
warm, soft sand, or a lush green park with open spaces and a lovely,
long running track… See where I’m going with this?!

Eve Torres
Summer is the best motivational tool for getting yourself into shape.
Not just because Summer means bikini’s and sun loungers (which lets
face it, is enough for many of us to kick start our work out) But
because it offers plenty of open spaces in the great outdoors where
you can practice any regime under the sun (literally!) Yoga in the
park? Pilates on the beach? And why do any of this alone? We all wake
up when the sun comes out and instinctively we wanna be sociable and
enjoy the weather with the people we love. So grab those people and
incorporate fitness with fun in the sun. Think group hikes, cycling
trails, a lively game of volleyball or water polo, surfing the waves
or even throwing a frisbee around the park. The possibilities are
endless! You won’t even realise your burning calories.
That’s why I love Summer. It brings friends, family and fitness
together, all wrapped up in a whole lot of fun. Let the Sun be your
best, motivational friend : )