I finally get to share with you our experience and favorite photos from our wedding, and re-live it all again!

I spent about 9 months planning our wedding, and it was, pretty much, every bit as stressful as everyone made it out to be. There were so many decisions to make, from the dress(es), to the flowers, to the venues, colors, the list goes on! Luckily, Rener (and the guests) just got to show up and enjoy the day with likely no comprehension of what went into it all! All the hard work was 100% worth it, and the day went by like a dream.

The ceremony took place at a beautiful polo ranch that belongs to a friend of ours. The day was absolutely perfect without a cloud in the sky, and just enough of a breeze to keep everyone comfortable.




The girls got ready in a gorgeous suite on the ranch, with a rustic but elegant feel. I had all 9 bridesmaids help me get into my dress!



Even though I was so nervous, and spending the morning trying not to burst into tears of excitement and joy, I had a great team behind the wedding making everything go smoothly. Amber from Amber Events was my wedding planner, and she made sure the day went by without a hitch. Visit her website: and follow on Twitter @AmberEvents.







Our florist was Holly Flora (Visit: and they totally captured the ideas I had for the colors, feel, and textures of the day. They did a gorgeous job!





Once the ceremony begun, the tears started to flow, but it was the most beautiful 28 minutes of my life! My brother sang my entrance song, and my sister and father sang a beautiful Brazilian song at the ceremony. Yes, Rener and I tied jiujitsu white belts during our ceremony to symbolize that while we are skilled at many other things in life, we are “white belts” in marriage. In 10 years, we will re-tie our blue belts, in 20 years, purple belts, in 30 years, brown belts, and in 40 years we will be black belts in marriage!





We captured so many beautiful photos of our new joint family. It was magical to have everyone there. Our photographers are MiBelle Photography, Josh and Michelle, and they did an amazing job capturing the feel and special moments of our day. That’s one good-lookin wedding party!






Then we went on to the reception, which was held at the gorgeous Bacara Resort. The reception had a more Spanish rustic feel that, once again, was captured beautifully by Holly Flora. We started things off with our first dance that was choreographed by my friend and Bridesmaid Amna Mazin. I totally loved having dance practice with Rener, and he surprised everyone with his new moves! We then went into a night full of epic speeches, delish food, and some serious dancing. I think the highlight of my night was watching my dad have a dance off with my now sister-in-law Victoria!






Of course, we had to make sure the wedding was Gracie-Diet-Approved, so I had to clarify some things to our guests who may not be familiar with the “Gracie Way”. This cool menu card as well as my programs were done by the amazing Kristeen Labrot.



It was a magical day, with wonderful people all around us. I really feel like it represented Rener and I as a couple, and our love for each other outshone all the small things I stressed about for the 9 months leading up to the wedding! I never really believed other couples when they’ve said it, but it really was the best day of my life!




Check out the gallery of our wedding photos below or to view the album click here.