There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path. ~ Siddhartha

  • “When I reach my goal weight I’ll be so happy!”
  • “I’d be happy if I was making more money!”
  • “When I get my new car I’ll be happy!”
  • “If I had more time to hang with my friends I’d be happy”.

So often I hear people using words “if” and “when”, when speaking about their happiness. It took me a while to realize this myself, but the truth is… as humans, we’re always evolving and our needs are always changing. As creative and motivated beings, there is always going to be something new to attain- whether a new goal that you set for yourself, a new target you want to meet, or a new item you’d like to have. There’s always going to be something you’re striving towards, and in such… we cannot tie our happiness to anything other than what is inside ourselves.

You may have heard this before… but I truly believe that happiness is in the journey… not in the destination. We need to find joy in the things we do every day! Find bliss in your friendships and in your relationships. Find pleasure in laughter. Find inspiration in our hobbies & in our careers. Instead of putting terms and conditions on your happiness, find happiness in the here and now.