It’s an understatement when I say that over the last few years I have done my fair share of travelling! One of the amazing things about the WWE, was that it gave me the opportunity to see the world… and along with that… lots and lots of packing. My friends actually tease me about my insane packing skills- how I’m literally able to fit my entire closet into one suitcase, in a matter of minutes lol.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite packing/ travel tips, in the hopes that they’ll help you next time you go jet-setting.


1) I tend to bring most of my electronics with me; ipad, computer, phones, camera etc. I pack each charger into separate re-sealable bags, which prevents them from tangling and makes them easier to find. (Admit it, we’ve all had that “where’s my phone charge panic” right?)

2) Cosmetics and toiletries are all packed in separate pouches, and items like shampoo that can leak I put into plastic ziplocks. This prevents a shampoo disaster, and also helps me stay organized when on the road.

3) My biggest piece of advice to avoid over packing, is to plan in advance. I plan each of my outfits in advance, that way I know exactly what I need to bring and I avoid that last minute “I’ve got to pack everything I own” saga.

4) Over the years I have compiled a list of my essential “can not live without” travel items. For me, this includes things like vitamins, protein bars, make up remover, passport, checks, sunglasses etc. Having this handy helps insure that I never leave a must have item behind.

5) Shoes (and I have a lot of them) take up the most space in my suitcase, and because they’ve all be worn, I don’t like for them to rub up against my clothes in case they get damaged. So I put each shoe into a plastic bag, and then I use them to line the outside of my suitcase. This way no clothes get dirty or damaged!

6) Girls love their accessories, but one of the biggest annoyances is being in a rush to get ready and then having to spend 30min untangling your jewelry. To avoid this I put all my accessories into small re-usable ziplock bags, which helps them stay organized and protected while on the road as well as at home!

7) Save time at the airport by immediately being able to identify your luggage. I like to wrap a colored piece of ribbon around the handle- you could use stickers, whatever works for you. Not only does this save you time locating your luggage, but it also prevents other people mistakenly walking away with yours (this has happened to me before!)

I hope that you find these little travel tips useful ☺

Happy & Safe travels!