Whether it’s because they’re too tired at the end of their workout, or they simply don’t realize how important it is… stretching is something that a lot of people frequently neglect to do (or rush through and in such don’t reap the full benefits)!

Stretching is, in my opinion, one of the most important parts of your workout. So for today’s Wellness Wednesday, I wanted to clue you in on a few reasons why it’s so crucial;

• Reduces the risk of getting injured.
• Increases the blood supply delivered to the muscles after working out, thereby reducing painful soreness.
• Increases range of motion in the muscles in general.
• Stimulates blood circulation in the body.
• Lengthens and tones your muscles.
• Increases energy levels (as a result of the increased blood circulation).
• Improves muscle balance around the joints, thereby stabilizing joints and helping improve your posture.

When to stretch:

Stretching should be done as part of your warm-up prior to exercise, and as part of your cool-down after your workout.

Tip: Be sure to warm up the body first with 5min of light cardio, do not jump straight into stretching (jogging is a simple and effective way to warm the body up).

Each muscle group should be stretched slowly, and with control… and be sure not to overstretch, as this can be damaging!

Lastly- finish off your workout by drinking plenty of water, got to stay hydrated!

Now, go and enjoy your workout! ☺