Hey Believers,

So in a follow up to my previous blog about inspirational Christmas decorations, I thought we could have a little fun…

Decorating the house at Christmas, is an essential part of the holiday season. But if you’re anything like me, the urge to just keep raising the stakes each year is a given! I love nothing more than to get creative and up my game- Surprise surprise, I get a little competitive with myself!

So in the spirit of competition, I wanna see what you guys can deliver… Send in some pictures of your festively, decorated homes and whoever impresses the most, with their ‘outside the box’ creativity wins! And remember- sometimes it’s the cheapest and simplest ideas that are the cleverest…

The winner will receive a holiday gift box from me!

Send me your pics via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #EVEChristmasContest

Go on and make Christmas 2014 a holiday to remember.

Here are some photos of my decorations this year… we’ve kept it kind of light since we’re doing so much travelling over the holidays- which is another reason why I can’t wait to see everyone else’s decor!



Good luck!