Hey Believers,

Now I know that the first chill of winter is well and truly in the air, even here in So Cal the evenings are cooling off and there is nothing more tempting than to ditch the Summer health regime, reach for the blanket and the couch and over-indulge in tons of calorific, comfort food! But whatever you do- don’t let the Winter stop you from pursuing a healthier, fitter lifestyle! There’s tons of research to prove that exercise and healthy eating is even more vital to our overall health and well being in the Winter, than it is in the Summer…


For starters, regular exercise will make you feel more energetic, which will definitely help to get you out of your warm bed on those colder, perhaps even wet (depending on where you’re reading this) mornings!

Secondly- who wants a nasty head cold?! Not us! So pack your diet full of vital Vitamins and foods rich in anti-oxidants, to help keep your immune system fighting fit when you really need it! It’s so tempting to eat more in the winter months (and it’s not usually the healthy stuff!) so regular exercise of any sort will certainly help you manage your weight.

And thirdly- the immense benefits of exercise on our psychological state, is never more important than during winter. The days are shorter, and true, warming sunshine is fleeting. But by merely being active, we can combat the emotional effect of those shorter days and improve our overall sense of wellbeing and positivity.

So remain dynamic and active and fight the urge to be lazy! Don’t let the winter be an excuse, because it’s not! There are so many fitness, dance and strengthening classes plus plenty of indoor activities we can all partake in when the weather’s not so great. So no excuses, only ACTIONS!